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"A more labyrinthine, opaque piece of legislation [than the Privacy Act (Cth)] I have yet to discover ... legislative porridge ... where almost every word is defined in ways that are counter-intuitive"
Justice Wigney, Federal Court, Sydney
quoted by Richard Ackland in 'Barry Spurr versus New Matilda', The Guardian, 24 October 2014

“There really is very little that is so particular or peculiar about terrorism ... What really should matter to us is the death and injury and terrifying of people. Terrorists are not the only people who do this. It’s being done as you and I speak, in what is cosily called domestic violence.
“We really do need to challenge the idea that terrorism is peculiar to this time and requires laws that are so special as to go beyond the restraints that we have for hundreds of years decided are appropriate to what I’ll call ordinary murderers.”
Bret Walker SC, Australia’s first (only?) Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, 20 September 2014

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