Links to Information on Health Records and Data Hacking

This page contains links to information on the Internet about health records and data hacking.

The APF does not necessarily endorse or support any of the views or opinions contained in these references; they are provided as an information source so that you can make up your own mind.

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Information on Data Hacks and Leaks

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Data Hacks and Leaks

The following are links to reports on data leaks, problems and hacks, the latter being incidents where data have been inappropriately accessed, stolen and/or leaked to criminals and others with dubious intentions. These reports include incidents involving health and other data and they indicate the vulnerability of large databases attached to the internet, and sometimes, not even on the internet as in the cases of the Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning leaks.

In our opinion, you should never collect health and personal information unless it is absolutely necessary and has a major benefit. An opt-out My Health Record system would collect data on many Australians that was of no health care value but which was at high risk of being hacked.


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