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How Members Can Contribute

This page provides information about how Members can contribute to the operation of the APF. It comprises three sections:

Invitation to Become a Member

Please read the APF's Obectives. If you want to, please also read its Rules of Incorporation.

To join, go to the Membership Form, and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, here are the association's contact points.

The annual subscription fees are set low, in order to make sure that they are not a barrier to people joining.

If you want to make a more substantial financial contribution, please consider life membership, or a donation, or a contribution to a specific campaign. Room is provided for each of these on the application and renewal forms. The funds are used to support research, and to pay the travel costs involved in getting people with appropriate expertise in front of parliamentary and government committees.

Actions By Members

There are many things that APF Members can do, in order to contribute to the protection of privacy in Australia. These include:

Research and Advocacy

The APF has been conducting research, and advocating the public interest, since 1987. This has resulted in scores of submissions in relation to a wide variety of issues, and appearances before many official committees.

The APF is a volunteer organisation, and depends on its members for expertise, and for energy. People are needed with the following qualities:

If this sounds like you, and you would like to be involved in APF's research and advocacy activities, we'd be delighted to hear from you via the association's contact points. If you want to contribute by assisting with a submission, please read the Submission Guidelines.

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