The Australian Privacy Foundation welcomes assistance from its members in relation to the preparation of submissions to parliaments, governments, commissions of enquiry, government agencies, industry associations and corporations.

People can contribute in several ways. You can:

Your communications can be directly to an APF officer, or on the open privacy list.

Submissions are sometimes letters of 1 or 2 pages, and sometimes quite lengthy documents. The arguments presented in submissions need to be carefully thought through and carefully presented. The APF has considerable influence because its positions are considered, balanced, and not extreme.

Submissions are sent to the relevant organisation, on behalf of the Foundation, by the APF's Policy Coordinator, or by a specifically authorised person (usually a Board-member or a Chair of a Policy Sub-Committee or a Campaign Task Force).

If you are not yet on the open privacy list, you can join on the e-list web-page.

To discuss any aspect of this web-page or process, please contact an APF officer.