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Privacy Laws - States and Territories of Australia

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This document provides access to Australian laws relevant to privacy, and to many resources that point to yet more laws. Australia is a federation of 6 States and 2 Territories. This document is concerned with laws of those 8 jurisdictions. A separate document provides access to laws that are relevant throughout the country.

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The remainder of this document presents laws of the States and Territories of Australia, as follows:




Western Australia

South Australia



Historical entry:

Northern Territory

Other Resources

The Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner provides a Guide to State Privacy Laws, which may help orient you to what follows.

The Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner provides a comprehensive list of Privacy & Related Legislation in Australia.

Caslon Analytics:

The Oz NetLaw Privacy Fact Sheet

Andrew Nemeth's site on NSW Photo Rights, incl. privacy

Allens Arthur Robinson's State Legislation page

Two papers on history and issues, Clarke (1998a-) and Clarke (1998b-)

AustLII's Australian Subject-Index for Privacy

Greenleaf G.W. & Waters N. (Eds.) (1994-) 'Privacy Law & Policy Reporter', monthly, available from

Hughes G. (1991) 'Data Protection Law in Australia', Law Book Company, 1991

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